August 3, 2010

Comic Con Insanity!

Comic Con. There were no words. I had to turn off half of my brain in order not to be overwhelmed by it all. After book signings for "A Friendly Game" I was mostly taking all wisdom from previous generations of SCAD alumni like Steve Howard. and Meredith Mcclaren. Plus other awesome artists like Carl Soriano All you guys are super rad thanks for hanging out with me at portfolio review limbo ^_^.

Jarrett Williams and Super Pro K.O rocked the Oni booth. And I met more awesome artist at the Flight Booth and reconnected with the greatness that is Jason Caffoe Amulet 3 is coming out and can't wait to see dem pretty colors.

Comic Con was too large I couldn't really peg down one thing to get my ass to. But I did manage the Cartoon Network "action cartoon" panel which a good long preview of Symbiotic Titian aired.

I found myself actually getting out of the convention most of sunday to actually see San Diego- a city which I've never been before. All and all an excellent weekend. It leaves me excited for the future. Gotta work twice as hard!

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